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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Designs on my new Samsung Galaxy Camera?

Since receiving the Samsung Galaxy camera as a prize for being one of the weekly winners of Time Out NY/Samsung's 'Share Your Now" photo contest, I have been having a great time getting acquainted with my camera. Haven't had this much fun playing with a new toy since my first Barbie Doll, let's just say some years ago.

The camera body is white and about 3" by 6"and won't fit in an evening bag or a shirt pocket. But the big touch screen of the camera makes up for the former minor inconvenience. For me, the ease of snapping a photo, editing it seconds later and emailing out via WiFi is a big draw. That I can use the Paper Artist App to turn my snap into cartoon, watercolor, oil painting or use thirty one other special effects is intriguing. I have spent waaaay too much time toying with this part of the camera and not learning enough about the features for taking a better photo.

When taking a photo, how many times have you heard "Oh my God, delete that photo of me immediately. I look horrible."? Hundreds, Right? With the Samsung Galaxy camera, there is relief for the portrait photographer. When taking a picture, you click on the Mode screen, scroll to "Best Face". Snap! The camera takes 5 photos in quick succession, shows five versions of each subject with a thumbs up on a version the camera thinks is the best shot. Of course, you or the sitters don't have to agree with the camera and can choose personal favorites. The camera merges the best photos of each subject for a group picture where all (or all but the most self critical!) are content. Best photo works in a similar fashion for indvidual shots.

If you really want to play serious photographer, you can go to the advanced icon and use the touch screen "lens" to create your own manual settings. I like using this mode for improving my photography skills.  There are onscreen reminders on how the settings will affect the exposure. A neat tool.

The 21x zoom lens is great for videos and closing in on a subject. I had trouble trying to keep the camera steady and focused when "fully zoomed", but I think this will just take practice.
For further details you can go tSamsung and read David Pogue's review in the New York Times.

There is a lot more to know about the camera.  For further details you can go to Samsung and read David Pogue's review in the New York Times...but right now I am eager to show off some of my special effect photos below!

Clockwise from top left:
Gibson Beach at Sunset: Sunset Mode
Dining Room Edited with Paper Artist: Colarello
Hektor in red jacket at beach: Edited with Paper Artist: Noir Note
Hektor Edited with Photo Wizard: Sketch

The creative possibilities are unlimited; but if a break is needed I can always read a Mother/Daughter Design Interest post or check my email with WiFi internet access on my camera!

Happy New Year to our readers!


  1. Samsung should make it smaller and cheaper if they want this to be hit.
    people with right mind wouldn't want to waste their money on this camera.

    this camera has small sensor (the size is similar to a common sensor used in sub $200 P&S digicam) yet it has the price of DSLR.

    1. Hi Rahul!
      Thanks for your comments.
      While this camera is definitely not for everyone, as a blogger the Samsung Galaxy Camera suits my needs well for taking quality photos and sending them out immediately via WiFi. Yes, it IS large, but the big screen and 21x zoom help me a lot in taking the photos I do. Because I won the camera from a TimeOut/Samsung "Share Your Now" photo contest, I am not able to comment on the value for price, but understand that the price could be a significant deterrent due to the small sensor, particularly to a pro.