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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Donghia's Anziano Chair

When I posted yesterday on the pricey design objects I carry a torch for, I had a nagging feeling I was forgetting something I've coveted for at least a decade. I even had a suspicion it was a dining chair, but whenever I tried to zero in on what dining chair specifically, I came up empty.

Then it hit me! Donghia's Anziano chair (a modern take on a klismos). Duh, Alex. You've only dreamed of a set of 6 Anziano chairs for the better part of your adult life. Or maybe 8? Now don't be greedy, imagination.

Here she is in all her splendor (Yes, she. Look at those curves-- no doubt she's a lady chair):

Source: Chair Blog | Tumblr

And here she is in action:

Photography by Tria Giovan. Source: Coastal Living 


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