"" MaDDI: Spotted in DWR: Ten Broeck House in Hudson, NY

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spotted in DWR: Ten Broeck House in Hudson, NY

I look forward to new DWR catalogs for a lot of reasons-- the furniture, of course, the little historical tidbits on design, but-- most of all-- the killer locations they use for shoots. I like to play a game with myself. I try to scour my memory to identify the locations (most of which are familiar from Pinterest, magazines and design blogs) before peeking at the notation, typically found near the seam of the catalog in tiny white font.

In DWR's most recent catalogue, I was happy to spot one of my favorite homes in the New York area. The Ten Broeck cottage in Hudson, NY was designed by architectural firm Messana O'Rorke. Messana and O'Rorke restored an historical cottage and expanded it to meet the homeowner's needs by adding a truly awesome modern addition. The best part? It's available for rent and just a short drive or train ride from NYC! Anyone for a winter weekend away?

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