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Monday, October 29, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day Eight: Channeling The Brick House

Day Eight of my 30-day One Kings Lane Challenge is a dark and stormy one. We're hunkered down in Brooklyn with a week's worth of canned tuna and a bathtub full of back-up water, waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Mentally, however, I'm in California. In fact, I spent all day scouring the flea markets in the environs of Hemet with one of my favorite bloggers, Morgan Satterfield. Just a balmy day of happy thrifting with a seasoned adviser. Not a 60 mph wind gust or storm surge warning in sight.

Morgan's blog The Brick House, has a became a real fan favorite for Morgan's witty prose and unique home-- a combo of 70s era thrift store finds, quirky flea market art, well-documented DIYs and iconic mid-century modern originals (even a few replicas, as she's not afraid to admit). Lately, she's been nursing a real affection for fiber wall art, creepy cool portraits and West German pottery. But above all, her trademark is her color scheme-- "brown town," as she affectionally dubs it. Here are a recent few shots of her constantly evolving brown town digs:

For Day Eight of my  30-Day One King's Lane Challenge, I'm channeling Morgan signature style. So what did we pick up after a grueling day of imaginary sunshine and thrifting? Check out our haul:
Now normally I'd number each item and link directly back to One Kings Lane, but in light of the state of emergency in New York City, I'll kindly direct you to my pinterest board for direct product links. My emergency? There are movies that need watching and a scared puppy that needs cuddling.

In more hurricane news, Day Nine might not happen if we lose power. We're ready for whatever happens, but Hektor's in for a rough couple days. He's a brave pup-- he fears no dog or man. But strong sudden gusts of wind are most definitely not his jam. Hektor's spent most of the day hiding from the storm, curled up under the comforter with his favorite chew toy, a (naturally-shed) deer antler:

Friday, October 26, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day Seven: Channeling Emily Henderson (Channeling Ian Brennan)

Oh, Emily Henderson-- how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This lady just gets it. She understands people and real stuff like budgets. Most importantly-- with her possibly patented style diagnosis test, she understands that people are like onions (or parfaits, if you prefer). We have layers. And sometimes we have stuff that's not perfect, but we're not willing to toss it just yet. In my humble opinion (but also her own!), no episode of Secrets from a Stylist showcases her magic touch quite like the pilot episode.

I think it's the chemistry between Emily and long-time friend-- and as she'll endearingly never miss an opportunity to tell you-- co-creater of Glee, Ian Brennan. You can just see that they have the sweetest friendship. You know that kind of friendship where you go to someone's house for a party and go around removing throw pillows from the sofa because there are too many? Yup, that is true friendship people. The kind of friend who won't hate you for micromanaging their couch.

While I may have absent-mindedly adjusted or smoothed on occasion, I've never actually removed anything from a friend's sofa. But I every time I go over to my friend Margot's house, I have this weird tick of going through every room examining everything like I'm the fricking landlord or a city health inspector. I bet it seems super bizarre to the other party guests, but really it's just because she's always coming up with cool, clever ways of re-arranging her stuff. Or making vignettes out of tiny figurines. (Oh god, I hope she's making the vignettes. I always sort of assumed they weren't moving themselves, but just maybe...) And sometimes when someone's such a close friend that they're more like family, you sorta forget it's not your house? Guilty.

Enough about me. Let's get back to Emily Henderson. Another cool thing about her? She's not afraid to mix silver and brass. And that takes cojones, let me tell you. I think my dream job might be Emily's assistant. Is it strange that my dream job is to be someone else's (almost definitely) unpaid intern? Yeah, maybe. And you bet my dad and/or therapist would have a few things to say about it. But, people, she's just THAT cool. And her self-proclaimed best work is when she channels Ian Brennan's style in his L.A. home.

So for Day Seven of my 30-day One Kings Lane Challenge, I'm going to channel Emily Henderson channeling Ian Brennan. She diagnoses his layers as FDR Chic + 60s British Mod + Global Backpacker. Second-degree channeling, folks. Buckle your seat belts-- it's going to be a wild ride.

Inspiration - Living Room

Read Emily's post on this room here.
Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

The Look - Living Room

Sources (All items sourced from sales available today on One Kings Lane. Check website for sale end-date. I used a couple pieces from sales that started prior to today, but all items shown are available as of right now.)

1. Vintage Industrial Gear Mold VIII$119
2. Vintage 40-w Light Bulb - $123. Comte de Buffon Engraving II - $994. Comte de Buffon Engraving I - $99

5. Shilly 22x22 Pillow, Winter White$59
6. Aronson Lantern$399
7. Hazel Sofa - $999
8. Hayes Coffee Table$1,099
9. Tapered Iron Planter - $59
10. 11" Etched Iron Pot - $79
11. Boxford Rug, Cream/Sage/Multi$629.00 - $3,399.00
12. Willhelm Accent Table$449
13. Keith Wing Back Chair - $1,899. Shown with Union Jack Pillows, Pair - $199.
14. Trace Demilune Console - $199

The Inspiration - TV Room

Read Emily's post on this room here.
Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

Photograph by Bethany Nauert. Styling by Emily Henderson.

The Look - TV Room

Sources (All items (except Ikea rug) sourced from sales available today on One Kings Lane. Check website for sale end-date. I used a couple pieces from sales that started prior to today, but all items shown are available as of right now.)

1. Paperweave, Honey Gold (wall covering) - $249 (Emily's source is Designyourwalls.com)
9. Highland End Table - $259
11. Colton Sofa - $4,999 (Yikes! Try Sofas.com's Long Island Sofa for a similar silhouette with happy price tag.) Shown with Bhutan Microfiber  Pillow, Cumin - $89

Also, a few of the items Emily used to style the photos of the TV room (like the Bodum French Press and Perimeter Tray) are available via her Open Sky collection.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

West Elm Market Opens in Dumbo!

Woo hoo! The West Elm Market is officially open in Dumbo, complete with a Philly-based La Colombe Torrefaction coffee outpost. I'm so excited to check it out this weekend. AND so grateful to clever West Elm for figuring out a way to get my boyfriend to join me. It's a weekend activity he would normally object to on the principle that they do not show College or NFL football games at West Elm. (Ryan really likes football.)

But ya know what else he really likes? Good coffee. And man, does La Colombe have good coffee. A couple years ago we took an ill-fated trip to Philadelphia. It was one of those trips where just about everything went wrong and we must have said, "worst trip ever" a hundred times, but in the end, we laughed about all the crazy things that happened and had, maybe, not such a terrible time? (Only in retrospect, am I willing to admit that Philly isn't the 10th circle of hell.) Our trip to La Colombe redeemed it all. It was a bright spot on the trip and to this day, we still consider it a gold standard of coffee.

Here are a few of the items I'm scoping out at the Market (Also, check out how beautifully these were styled and photographed! So serene. The palette reminds me of my imaginary trip to Japan):


1. Sheesham Mortar + Pestle
2. Enamel Measuring Cups
3. Terrain Bakeware
4. Wood + Glass Storage Jars
5. Schmidt Brothers - 14pc Milled Steel Set w/ Giotto Block
6. Ceramic Egg Crate
7. Damscus Steel Knife Collection
8. Enamel Coffee Pot
9. Iittala 3-Quart Stock Pot
10. Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Ovens
11. Labeled Kitchen Glass Beaker
12. Olive Wood Salt Mill

See my pins for more favorites. Another cool Mortar + Pestle, an Enamel Square Cake Pan and Enamel Canisters.

Garden, Care + Repair, Personal Care

1. Dolomite Watering Can
2. Marbleized Cylinder Planters
3. Patterned Garden Tool Set
4. Wood Handled Garden Pruner (desperately needed)
5. Bamboo Laundry Hamper-Single
6. Dust Pan+Broom Set
7. Kitchen Cleaning Pot Brush
8. Slack Dust Mop Co. Dry Mops - Wooly Mammoth
9. Areaware Wood Tool Set
10. Heirloom Scissors
11. Heritage Leather Reinforced Mason Bag
12. Bamboo Ironing Board

See my pins for more favorites. Love this dop kit.

OKL Challenge - Day Six: One Kings Lane + Blu Dot

Day Six! And man, was it a killer day on One Kings Lane. Apparently, I was not alone in noticing the abundance of awesomeness emanating from my computer screen. By the time I got to check out today's sales (around 11:30), about half my favorite items were sold out or in another member's cart. This faux antler wall mount for $69! I wanted so badly to buy it and slap it up on Ryan's bookshelf. My plan was to copy the fabulous Emily Henderson and hang a vintage frame around it, like this:
Photograph by Bethany Naurte. Styling by Emily Henderson.

To ensure I never again miss out on a rocking set of faux antlers, I have issued an A.P.B. to my colleagues that I will henceforth be unavailable for 11 a.m. meetings due to a standing conflict.

I know we can all hear the tiniest violin in the world playing for me, but let's back to business. I'm going to try something a little different today with my mood boards. I like the challenge of digging through OKL sales for vintage or globally-sourced pieces that would work well in a modern home. That's what inspired me to commit to this 30-day challenge in the first place! But unless there's a sale especially devoted to replicas of (or even vintage original) mid-century modern pieces, my mood boards sometimes turn out just a shade antiqueier (yup, that's a word now) or more gypsy-caravan than I'd like.

I like an interior that's fresher, crisper and younger. And no one's got dibs on fresh, crisp and young quite like Blu Dot. Blu Dot also has their annual "20% off everything" sale going down right now, so this post is particularly timely. My plan for today is to mix-and-match items available from today's sales on One Kings Lane with pieces from Blu Dot. (Given that most people are unlikely to furnish an apartment from scratch all in a day's one-stop online shopping, showing how One Kings Lane pieces can be worked into an existing modern decor scheme is probably more instructive.) Here goes!

Mountain House Entry

Riffing on OKL's Winter Lodge theme, I designed an entry for my dream mountain house in "winter white" and brass. (A question for Fashionistas: is there a legitimate difference between winter white and summer white? Or is that just what you call it after labor day to dodge anachronistic sartorial conventions? This is a serious question. I have oft wondered.)
Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Bromley Sconce, One Kings Lane - $199
2. Mirror Mirror - Small, Blu Dot - $359.20
3. Vintage Brass Coat Hook, One Kings Lane - $49
4. Teak Wood Bowl, Large One Kings Lane - $25
5. Norfolk Magazine Organizer, One Kings Lane - $39
6. Dang Media Stand, Blu Dot - $719.20

Mountain House Bedroom

Moving right on into the bedroom, where I might crash after a full day skiing, assuming that I skied. (And assuming that some @******* [please use your imagination, I promised my mother I wouldn't swear on our shared blog] hadn't bought those antlers out from under me.)
Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Antler Wall Mount, One Kings Lane - $69
2. Fallow Deer Antler Mount, One Kings Lane - $79
3. Rook Lamp, Blu Dot - $159.20 (Note: I replaced the standard white shade with a black shade in the image above.)
4. S/3 Theodric Galvanized Trunks, One Kings Lane - $175
5. Woodrow Full Bed, Blu Dot - $1,119.20

Mountain House Living

For kicking back and reading books about fishin', huntin' and other such activities.
Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Ribbed Metal Hanging Pendant, One Kings Lane - $99
2. I Like It, What Is It?, Blu Dot - $79.20
3. Ames Deer Plaque, One Kings Lane - $85
4. Persian Rug Pillow Cover, One Kings Lane - $249
5. Natural Cowhide Pillow, Room & Board - $109 (Only item that's not from OKL or Blu Dot!)
6. Paramount Right Sectional, Pebble, Blu Dot - $2,559.20
7. Pi Coffee Table, Blu Dot - $479.20
8. Amber & Wood Hurricane, One Kings Lane - $49

Mountain House Study

A Mondrian-inspire study for those days when work (or Pinterest) keeps me off the slopes...

Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Smooth Metal Pendant Lamp, One Kings Lane - $99
2. Jean Rouille, Tie, One Kings Lane - $69
3. Pair of Bear Bookends, One Kings Lane - $59
4. Real Good Chair, Blu Dot - $111.20
5. Modu-licious Deskette, Blu Dot - $719.20

City Crash Pad Entry

And back to home-sweet-Brooklyn after a long weekend of doin' whatever people do at mountain houses.
Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Splash Coat Rack, Gray, Blu Dot - $223.20
2. Devin Table Lamp, One Kings Lane - $189
3. Rectangular Tray, Tan, One Kings Lane - $169
4. Source Parot, One Kings Lane - $69
5. Strut Console Table, Watermelon, Blu Dot - $359.20

Toro Lounge Chair - His and Hers

I love Blu Dot's Toro Chair so much, I styled it twice. Once for Him, once for Her (whomever They are).


Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Flask Table Lamp, Black, Blu Dot - $159.20
2. Navajo Germantown Mat, One Kings Lane $599
3. Toro Lounge Chair, Night, Blu Dot - $879.20
4. Coin Garden Stool, Orange, One Kings Lane - $129


Sources (All items from today's One Kings Lane sales available through 10/28; All Blu Dot items marked at current sale price.)
1. Hanging Wire Lamp, One Kings Lane - $39
2. Crackle Celadon Pomegranate Vase, One Kings Lane - $99
3. Weiluc, Le Frou-Frou, One Kings Lane - $69
4. Toro Lounge Chair, Day, Blu Dot - $879.20

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day Five: Military-Industrial Complex

A Military-Industrial Complex? Yup, I've got one of those. I compulsively gravitate towards anything military or industrial-inspired. Here are a few of my favorites from today's One Kings Lane round-up:

Sources (All items from today's sales on One Kings Lane, available thru 10/26)
1. Union Jack Pillows, Pair - $199
2. Vintage Military Desk - $345
3. Vintage Industrial Gear Mold XI - $119
4. Vintage Industrial Gear Mold VIII - $119
5. Lacquered Top Cocktail Table - $199
6. Iron Log Basket - $199

Note: I did pin my favorites yesterday (Day Four), but didn't do a blog post. My 9-5 needed my full attention.

Monday, October 22, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day Four: Black, White & Copper

As planned, I took the weekend off from my 30-day One Kings Lane Challenge. I like the idea of taking a break on Saturday and Sunday, although I may want to reconsider as many of my favorite items from the weekend were sold out by this morning. (It's funny, because you'd think that OKL's target audience would be pretty traditional, but sometimes it's the more contemporary items that sell out first.)

Today's theme on One Kings Lane was Thanksgiving. In keeping with their theme, I've put together a table setting that uses pieces available via today's sales, but satisfies a modern aesthetic. Much of the tableware on sale tended towards the gilded and hyper-traditional, so I chose to keep it monochromatic with a Moroccan tangine to introduce pattern (turkey tagine, anyone?), and copper accents in a nod to the traditional orange-dominated thanksgiving tablescape. I especially love the grey glassware in smoke. It has a very complex, almost ombre-like quality to it. (Also note that I dropped in an Ikea dining table to provide a blank canvas for the black, white & copper scheme. Sneaky sneaky. I'm dying to try my hand at this Melltorp hack via Weekday Carnival for an industrial edge.)

Sources (All items sourced via today's One Kings Lane sales and available thru 10/25, unless otherwise indicated)
1. S/3 Assorted Square Trays, Copper - $319
2. Black Graphic Pattern I - $169
3. Cookable Tagine, Black - $49
4. Melltorp Dining Table, Ikea - $59.99
5. S/4 Purity Stemmed Wine Glasses, Smoke - $89
6. Purity Pitcher, Smoke - $39
(Also check out these Purity candleholders and drink glasses in smoke)

Friday, October 19, 2012

OKL Challenge- Day Three: One Fishing Chair, Three Ways

I'm feeling pretty stingy today. I pinned only 19 items from today's bounty on One Kings Lane. A few items drew my eye, but didn't make the final cut on the basis of cost. That was particularly true of the Tastemaker Tag Sale by Lisa Minucci, from which I ended up pinning jack squat. I liked the looks of this oversized mortar & pestle-- but am I paying $699 for a mortar & pestle? No, Sir. In fact, I paid $14.99 for my mortar & pestle and the three of us are perfectly happy together.

Given today's scanty harvest, I'm going to keep it light. My favorite new item was this $99 fishing chair. I'd like to own this chair for extra seating in my living room, or as a permanent fixture in a small reading nook.

In homage to Day Three, here are three ways to style it:

Scandi Style

I like the idea of taking a page out of my Scandinavian forefathers (foremothers, technically) and keeping it simple. Black, white, sheepskin. It's a classic triad for a reason. (Also, even though I know I said I'd steer clear of value proclamations, please note that item 5 below is a very nice coffee table for $219.)

Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/22, unless otherwise noted)

1. Fishing Chair - $99
2. Rens Sheepskin, Ikea - $29.99
3. Carlo Stanga, Brooklyn - $189-$229
4. Carlo Stanga, Corbu Black$189-$229
5. Holden Fir Coffee Table - $219
6. Set of 2 Jax - $19

Venice Beach Style

Normally, this look would be a little too "California Boho" for this born-and-bred New Yorker. But I'm not hating it? I'll chalk it up to the grey, soggy Friday we're experiencing here in the Northeast. (On that note, please watch the video for Milli Vanilli's Blame it On the Rain. There are no words. The 80s were real, people.)

Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/22, unless otherwise noted)
1. Fishing Chair - $99
4. Whitney Coffee Table - $559 (Similar here for $299)

East Hampton Style

One $99 rickety fishing chair all glammed up. I can just picture Gwyneth Paltrow, lounging by the pool sipping on her blueberry and almond smoothie. (Mmm, I'm craving a malt milkshake just thinking about it.)

Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/22, unless otherwise noted)

1. Fishing Chair - $99
2. Casablanca 20x20 Pillow, Navy - $65 (Earlier sale, ends 10/21)
5. 6" Metal Orb - $29

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day Two: Bed & Bath

Day Two done! Took me exactly an hour to cruise each new shop and pin my favorites. I was finished by noon on the dot. I hope to hone my speed pinning skills over the coming month until I'm down to 30 minutes. (I set my alarm for 8am this morning, intending to sneak out of bed and get my pinning done before my boyfriend Ryan and our puggle Hektor awakened. Whoops! Turns out One Kings Lane shops open at 8am Pacific Time. So, realistically, this will be an afternoon project.)

Today was decidedly tougher than yesterday--  the shop names were proceeded with silly words like, "polished", "preppy" and "refined." It made for slim pickings as I am neither polished, preppy, nor refined. Thank god for The Relaxed Bed. (I may not be relaxed, but I think my bed is what with it's fairly light docket of responsibilities.)

Today's sales raised an interesting question about whether I should adjust my standards according to what's available. If nothing in a particular shop grabs my attention, should I pin the item I like most on a comparative basis? I think no. Although it's hard for me to be vigilant about sliding standards. With something as subjective as taste and style, those standards often operate on a sub-conscious level. I'll try my very best to stick to the litmus test, "would I want this in my home?" As an example, I completely skipped over the selection of boyfriend pillows available.

That said, a lot of my choices today were context sensitive. The object might read as traditional, but I saw a glimmer of hope that in the right setting, it would come off as cool and un-stuffy. The clearest cut example that comes to mind is the collection of Pioppo objects. They could be all fancy man, masculine boudoir (think purple velvet smoking jacket)-- in other words, not for me. OR, they can be mod and awesome, a la Jonathan Adler's Bond Desk.

In other news, Happy Throw Pillow Day! What? You didn't know it was National Thow Pillow Day? Don't worry. That's because--shocker-- it's not a real holiday. But judging from the volume of throw pillows available on One Kings Lane, I'm thinking maybe it's a Canadian holiday and U.S. retailers are just piling on.

For today's mood boards, I drew on OKL's Bed & Bath theme to create a series of beds & baths for fictional clients. Enjoy!

'Flower Power' Teenager

When a style-savvy, color-crazy teenager (with indulgent parents) goes through a hippie phase and wants to redecorate her pad.


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
1. Noveau Flowers 3 - $1992. Noveau Flowers 5 - $199
3. Laguna Border Headboard, Teal - $339
4. Aztec 14x24" Pillow, Multi - $79
5. Hunt 5-Drawer Chest - $1,299
6. Vintage Field Guides, Set of 3 - $75
7. 3'3" x 7'1" Ebele Rug, Multi - $549
8. Rectangle Seat - $449


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
1. Fouta Tricolor, Fuchsia - $29
2. Fouta Tricolor, Orange - $29
3. Noveau Flowers 4 - $199
4. Almond Tray w/ Alpaca Handles - $169
5. Yo-yo Stool - $449


When an adventure and souvenir-seeking bachelor hangs up his backpack, settles in the big city and starts a successful hedge fund. (You can take the boy out of the Southeast Asian youth hostel, but you can't take a passion for batik out the of boy...)


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
7. Colton Bed, Queen - $1,799


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
3. Mow Stool - $289

Calm and Comfort-Seeking Retirees

When a retired couple in their mid-sixties relocate to the beach to pursue their lifelong dream (writing a memoir of their great love story, of course) in a tranquil environment with a simple palette.


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
4. Ritter Sideboard - $999
5. Sanur Chair - $419


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
1. 3-piece Savile Towel Set, Pewter - $39
2. Wool Blend Storage Basket, Gray - $49-$59
3. Natura Chair, White Wash - $259
4. Small Stripe Fouta Towel, Gray - $29

Tribeca Trust-Fund Newlyweds

A classic girl-meets-boy story. Except in this case, girl is a size 0 accessories editor at a prestigious fashion magazine and boy is a DJ with family money and a collection of tight leather jackets to put Georgio Armani to shame. Here's what happens when they move into their 1,800 sq ft "starter loft" in Tribeca.


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/21, unless otherwise noted)
3. B. Pieroni, Set of 4 Figurative Prints - $699 (Earlier sale. Ends 10/20)


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane, Available thru 10/21)
4. La Quinta Bench - $549

Young Brooklyn Emigree

When a 27-year-old graphic designer moves to Brooklyn to escape the tyranny of roommates and finds a (studio) apartment she can finally call her own. 


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/21, unless otherwise noted)
1. Roberta Pinna, Michelle - $189 (Earlier sale. Ends 10/20)
2. Lindsay Cowles, Untitled 718 - $169-$229 (Earlier sale. Ends 10/20)
3. Alphabet 101 Framed Print - $49 (Earlier sale. Ends 10/20)
6. Lucy Stool - $249


Sources (all items source via today's sales One Kings Lane and available thru 10/21, unless otherwise noted)
2. Jen Garrido, Uncoordinated - $189-$289 (Earlier sale. Ends 10/20)
3. Horse Shoe Stool - $199

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OKL Challenge - Day One: Autumn Mod

I'm in a bit of a daze after Day 1 of my One Kings Lane Challenge, but plenty inspired! Check out my picks on my pinterest board. Thankfully, tomorrow should be a lighter lift. Since this was Day 1, I reviewed all sales. Beginning tomorrow, I'll review only new sales.

Maybe it's the fall bite in the air, but I gravitated towards lots of fall colors in addition to my usual color standbys. If I had an unlimited budget and a cozy yet modern cabin in upstate New York, I'd have no trouble furnishing it from today's One Kings Lane sales.

Naturally, my cabin would look something like this (imagine less snow, more leaves):
Ten Broeck Cottage in Hudson, NY 

Living Room

My living room, stocked exclusively via today's sales on One Kings Lane, would be decorated in the style I'm dubbing "Autumn Mod":


5. Dovetail Sideboard - $2,699
8. Coquille Chair - $1,999
9. Pebble Barstool (shown as side table) - $349

Dining Room

And here's my Autumn Mod Dining Room, also sourced from today's sales on One Kings Lane:


5. Traveler Dining Table - $4,499 (yikes!)
8. Black Grace Side Chairs, Pair - $399


And bringing up the rear, my Autumn Mod entry hall/mudroom-- because after traipsing around with Hektor in those damp autumn leaves, we'll need somewhere to drop our keys and wipe our feet and paws (respectively).


1. Twombly Sconce - $799
2. Leather Dog - $249 (I love this! There's nothing quite like your real live dog rushing to greet you at the door, but putting this guy would be pretty darn cute in an entry.)
3. Wolfie and the Sneak, Fall - $159 (I like the idea of having all 4 seasons and switching them out throughout the year.)
5. Set of 5 Rectangular Wicker Baskets - $79 (As I noted in my pin, these baskets are attractive and practical, but the handles bug me. I'd paint them out.)
6. Tribal Kilim, 7'5" x 4'6" - $449
7. Consoles, Pair - $875

My 'One Kings Lane' 30-day Personal Challenge

I was drinking my coffee in bed this morning whilst perusing One Kings Lane (as I'm wont to do) when an idea hit me over the head. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a filtered-just-for-me version of One Kings Lane on any given day? I love that spot sale websites have gained in popularity. Their growth and diversification, however, has led a visual overload and a hefty dose of things that are SO not me.

Cut out the velvet, the chintz and the fancy gilded dinnerware and give me industrial furniture, mid-century modern antiques, funky global accents and young-person-friendly affordable art? If pinterest has taught me anything, it's that my design sensibilities aren't exactly unique...much as I often wish they were.

So here's my challenge. (Deep breath) It's almost definitely insane, but here goes:

Every morning (Mon-Fri only) for the next 30 days, I'm going to pin my One Kings Lane picks to my pinterest board, "My 'One Kings Lane' Picks"

I want to keep the guidelines fairly fast and loose to start out-- at least until I can figure out what sticks. But here's what I have in mind:
  1. Why One Kings Lane? Yeah, I know-- there's Joss & Main, Fab, and others. But for whatever reason, my preference is for OKL. I'd love to do a sweep of the big three, but I do have a day job.
  2. Selection Criteria: I'm going from the gut. If it grabs my attention, I'll pin it. Maybe I'll regret it seconds later, but hey, life is full of regrets. You can safely expect the following:
    • Vintage mid-century modern (or MCM-inspired)
    • Wood and lots of it. Anything with a live edge or exposed dovetail joinery drives me crazy (in a good way...)
    • Blues, greys and aqua
    • An industrial edge: reclaimed wood, steel, concrete
    • Ikat-mania. And other stuff that's you or I would probably call Ikat, causing our design snob friends to shudder in horror and say through gritted teeth, "Um, that's Batik..."
    • Affordable artwork, especially of the colorful variety
    • I'll probably skim over household items like cookware, books, soaps, etc. But I may include them if the design is particularly compelling.
  3. Precise Timing: Unpredictable. I'll try to aim for morning. But I do, alas, have that aforementioned day job that needs doing.
  4. Price: I will always include the price in my pin. (OKL doesn't do this automatically.) Unless I forget. In which case you have my permission to yell at me via Pinterest comments. An important note: if there is a price range for item, I will include the range in the comments. Pinterest adds the higher of the two prices to the banner, it seems.
  5. Value: I'm a big proponent of value. One thing that bugs me a little bit about these spot sale sites is the big-ticket items. Who is dropping $10,000 on a sofa they a) are buying on impluse; b) have not seen, touched, tested in person; b) can't return? I'm pretty sure the answer is high-end decorators who know they can pawn it off on one client or another. Or else let it languish in their storage facility until they find the perfect spot for it. Perhaps I'm just too cheap, risk-averse and prone to second guessing to play this high-stakes game. That's why I will err on the side of relatively-budget friendly items in my selection. That's not to say I won't include a pricey piece if I love it. But I've got to REALLY love it if it's going to make the cut. Whereas an $8 item might make the cut if I take a mild liking to it. In general, I think I'll stay away from pronouncements on value. It's a controversial and personal term. Initially, I'd wanted to put my two cents in if I thought, say, $800 was a good deal for a particular piece. But the truth is, if I'm not familiar with the vendor, I'm missing the most important factor in determining value-- quality.
  6. Sold Out Items: I won't pin items that are sold out. That said, don't be mad if they sell out after I pin them. I won't be updating during the day to monitor what's still available.
  7. Comments: I may comment if I have something to say. In most cases, I'll let the photo do the talking. (Also, that pesky day job calls...)
  8. Mood Boards: If I have the time and feel so inclined, I'll try to style a few of my picks in a mood board, posted to the blog. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you can view them on the board "Favorites from the Blog." Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Look: Losing You, by Solange Knowles

Another post on Solange Knowles? That's right, folks. Four days later and I've still got Solange on the brain. I spent the better part of the weekend practicing her moves. (And the rest of it hoping I'd spot her in Carroll Gardens.) While my attempts to replicate Solange's dance routine in Losing You may have been embarrassing at best and emotionally scarring at worst (in the words of my loving boyfriend, "some things cannot be unseen"), I think I've done a pretty nifty job of recreating my favorite aesthetic elements from the video. For those of you who have not yet committed every scene to memory, here's an encore of my favorite stills from the video:

Music Video for "Losing You." Photo Credit: Terrible Records. Source: The Examiner
Music Video for "Losing You." Photo Credit: Terrible Records. Source: The Examiner
This video is a real treat for the eyeballs. Oh lord, the fashion. That brick pattern suit? I die. The oversized houndstooth coat? Leopard flats? Color block platforms? High-wasted denim hot pants? And that's just Solange's wardrobe. Don't even get me started on Les Sapuers

But the Cape Town set also provided rich inspiration. One of my favorite scenes from the video is when Solange is lying on a pile of mattresses moving her legs in the air in tempo. (Note: don't try this at home. It is neither as sexy nor cool as when Solange does it.) Katrin Greiling's Bidoun Sofa Series (#6 below), inspired by Bedouin furniture, consists of stacked mattresses threaded with a cord. 

Music Video for "Losing You." Photo Credit: Terrible Records. Source: The Examiner
My second favorite scene is when  Solange is grooving to the music in front of the shipping container-cum-designer-suit-purveyor. The tailor is shutting the door, which bumps Solange. Does she stop dancing? NO, she does not. She stumbles a little, but doesn't miss a beat. Just keeps doing her thing like the goddess that she is.

Music Video for "Losing You." Photo Credit: Terrible Records. Source: The Examiner
Did you notice the caricature illustrations on the outside of the barber shop? I would hang them on my wall if I could. They struck me as a world apart from the run-of-the-mill caricature art you see in the environs of Times Square. A good caricature walks a thin line, and these definitely err more on the side of art than kitsch. I scoped out Etsy hoping to see some similar Caricature talent-- check out A. Weaver's Caricatures on Etsy (#3 below).

The price tag on this shipping container model home ($650!) makes it a real reach item considering it's of limited functionality (#4 below), but I wanted to include an image of the shipping containers from the videos and this one, from Module-R, fit the bill. It was a sobering reminder to see images of how poor communities around the world re-task and adorn objects like shipping containers for shelter-- out of necessity and cost, rather than in pursuit of "green living" (although there's a whole army of people out there who would argue that re-purposed Shipping Containers are far from green). The Cape Town shipping containers in the set of Losing You were a far-cry from the kitted-out, uber modern shipping container shelters I'm used to seeing in the pages of Dwell. Sobering indeed.

The Look

1. Brick Wall Background Pillow, Zazzle.com - $59.95
2. Veronica Houndstooth-Print Twill Dress, Net-a-Porter - $465
3. Custom Order Caricature Art, A Weaver Caricatures @Etsy - $14.99
4. Model Container Homes, Module-R - $675
5. Clair by Elizabeth & James, JoanMarie - $177
6. Bidoun Sofa Series by Katrin Greiling