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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Floorplan in response to Apartment Therapy's Good Questions Post

**Updated 10/2/12 at 6pm: Yikes! Had no idea how many people were going to click the link from AT. Suddenly embarrassed by my super speedy sketch, so I added a snazzier version below.**


Here's my idea in response to your post:
If you're starting from scratch on furniture, I would put a large L-shaped sectional or sofa with chaise unit along that one long uninterrupted wall (to the right of the entrance.) That way, you can put a media cabinet and TV along the opposite wall. You'll have a decent angle on the TV and enough of a thoroughfare for getting to the sun room, but because of the L-shape, the sofa will still relate to the fireplace. A round coffee table further help the sofa to relate to both fireplace and TV wall.

Here's a 5-second sketch:
Snazzier. But not to scale-- I'm not that fancy.
5-second original.

If you already own a non-L-shape sofa, what about floating it on an angle opposite the fireplace? You could put a desk, low bookshelf or nice console table behind it to make the "floating" quality less awkward, as well as increase surface and storage space.

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