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Friday, December 21, 2012

Trend Report: The Juju Hat as Wall Decor

I always thought there should be a dedicated word for the strange phenomenon I think most of us experience: you hear a word or phrase for the first time, then suddenly you find yourself hearing it everywhere. I can even remember the first time I experience that phenomenon-- the word, "scaffolding" when I was in the third grade. (How's that for true New Yorker cred?)

Lately, I've been having the same experience with design trends. I'll see something unusual or unfamiliar and think, "that's a cool, unique idea." Then, BAM. It's everywhere. And I mean, everywhere I look. In every shelter magazine, every design blog, every time I log in to Pinterest-- to the point that it starts seeping into my subconscious and popping up in dreams.

The latest design trend to nest deep in my brain is the Juju hat. Juju hats are large, feathered, circular hats traditionally worn by village chiefs and "prominent members of society" in Cameroon. Now they seem to staging a second act as wall decor in homes from Australia to Canada.

What do you think-- does this trend have staying power?

Image via Safari Fusion

The Decorista via Pinterest

The Decorista via Pinterest
Wick Design via DecorPad

Anna Burke's West Village Apartment
Lonny Magazine, March/April 2012
Photography by Patrick Cline / Art Direction by Michelle Adams

The Decorista via Pinterest
Vanessa Carlton's NYC Home via MoodboardIn Style Magazine September 2005/Photography Daniela Stallinger

Image via L'Aviva Home / Pinterest

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Style at Home, March 2011 / Photography Janis Nicolay
Image via Tabletonic
Inside Out, July/August 08 via Mark Tuckey

Image via West Elm

Image via Tabletonic 
Photo - Jared Fowler, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Heart Home Magazine, Winter 2012

Antiques Dealer Liza Sherman's Manhattan Apartment
via Elle Decor / Photography by Simon Upton

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