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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter White

Sherry here!

On a bright sunny morning, looking out over a snowy landscape, Winter White immediately comes to mind. Here are a few rooms that are cozy, inviting and reflect the whiteness outside.

This room makes me want to get into my pj's, climb into one of the twin beds with a cuppa and stream a ten hanky movie!

White boring? Not at all! The multi shades and many textures keep the eye moving, but soothed at the same time.

White walls, white washed wood, white shelving make for a bright background highlighting art, books and a patterned colorful rug.

This long clean white kitchen creates a space for the  food and the chefs to take center stage. Only white food? No!

 Winter White looks  "snow right"! (Sorry, can't resist a bad pun!)

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